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AjKollar Fine Paintings
Lenore Asbury
In May
George Bellows
Paradise Point 1919
Richard E. Bishop
Three Point Landing
Maurice Braun
Wildflowers, California
George Lafayette Clough
George Lafayette Clough
Hudson River View
Edward Cucuel
On the Lake
Charles Harlold Davis
Edmond James Fitzgerald
Falls in Liliuokalani Brook, Oahu
Edmond James Fitzgerald
Marshlands 1942
George Freeman
Two Children, New England 1847
William M. Hart
Along the Esopus River, Kingston, New York 1874
Richard E. Miller
Woman Reading in a Garden
William Samuel Parrott
Crater Lake, Oregon
William McGregor Paxton
The Tam
Edgar Payne
California Mountains
John F. Peto
Still Life with Candlestick, Book, Pipe and Tobacco Container
Levi Wells Prentice
Pansies and Nasturtiums
John Singer Sargent
A Lady 1880
Carl Schmidt
River Landscape 1918
James Sessions
Blue Nose Schooner
James Sessions
Fishing Village
Frank Hector Tompkins
Pieter J.L. van Veen
Mount Rainier
Harry Wilson Watrous
Eustace Ziegler
Horses at Rest
Eustace Ziegler

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